फूल तुम्हें भेजा है

फूल तुम्हें भेजा है….
I have sent you an email,
Not an email, is my heart,
O my love write to me,
Is it worth for you or not … (worth, for your thy….)

प्यार छुपा है….
Mail you sent with too much heart, even greater than my life, I would have kissed your hand, had you been with me right now.

नींद तुम्हे तो आती …..
You might be having some dream
What the dream you last have had

आँख खुली तो ….
Sleep was Brocken with my heart,
When I, couldn’t I realise my love…

मिलना हो तो कैसे….आश लगाए बैठे है हम ले आओ…
Needed to see you if want to live, how could I live, do suggest…
Eyes are wet, have only tear within,
Come to me with wedding ring. I have….

प्रीत बढ़कर भूल न जाना, प्रीत तुम्ही….
Don’t you dare, my dear, ever break my heart,
You only do live within…
I have sent….
खत से जी भरत आ ही….
Only chating not enough, can we switch to video link….


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